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Cycling colleague suggests “Share the Road” license plate


Here’s an idea from my colleague Randall Wolf: A “Share the Road” license plate.

You’d pay extra for it, like other custom vehicle plates that support causes such as the arts, multiple sclerosis research and wildlife conservation, and the extra money would go toward bike lanes and other things that foster cycling in New York state. Randall, an avid cyclist, posted the idea on his Cycling Central blog just in time for the Westchester Bike Summit to be held tomorrow by the Bike Walk Alliance of Westchester & Putnam.

(In the post, Randall takes a swipe at me for taking a poke at state Assemblywoman Amy Paulin when she pitched a proposed 3-foot safety buffer for cyclists as an environmental move because the release came out for Earth Day. It was the second time I’ve taken heat for having some fun with it. Sheesh.)

Anyway, Randall’s idea is intriguing. Yes, there would be the money raised. But it would also be a way for cyclists to show that they drive, too, and that not everyone in a car or SUV objects to accommodating pedal-powered vehicles on the roads.

So if the idea strikes you as good or bad, visit Randall’s blog and let him know what you think.

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