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Live from an overhead bin: Spirit’s hilarious CEO


That Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza. What a card.

In a message to us all, which you can find here, Baldanza explains why it’s a good idea for his discount airline to charge people for the bags they carry onto planes and store above them. It allows the airline to keep base fares down, helping ease the over-packing of overhead bins, he says.

And he explains it while he himself is stuffed in one of the bins.

Witty, huh?

The airline world is watching to see whether Spirit’s idea will spread. (Well, actually, the airline world is watching the cloud of volcanic ash over Europe, but when passengers and aviation observers are not waiting for travel to and from Europe to resume, they wonder whether other carriers will follow Spirit’s lead.) Some airlines say they have no plans for such a charge now.

No matter what the others do, Baldanza remains confident that the fee — $30 on line or at the counter, $20 if you belong to the airline’s $9 Fare Club, but $45 if you pay at the gate — is a good idea.

That’s great. I’d like to know more about their thinking, but they’re so confident about it that the airline’s spokeswoman, Misty Pinson, has refused to return my calls to talk about it.

So, Ben, when you finish climbing into luggage compartments, can you ask her to give me a call?

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